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Laundry Day with Batman and Robin

Laundry Day with Batman and Robin

So, I’ve finally gotten around to the blog again. Sorry about the delay. I know a lot of you have been eager to see what I picked up at the York Toy Show.

Well, here’s part 1 of my toy haul.

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Bootleg Batman & Robin

I was just strolling the aisles when these horrible, barbie-doll-sized bootleg superheroes looked up at me through a glass case. I could hear them in my head simply saying “save us.” I had to rescue them.

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Batman Bootleg Robin Bootleg

I asked the guy who sold them to me where they came from, and he just said he got them from some storage warehouse in New York. Apparently it was being cleaned out (and it was filled with a bunch of crap like this). He also said these toys were from Hong Kong. They look like they’ve been packed away for a while. Maybe it just looks that way because of the stained, water damaged packages, crinkled capes, etc. There were several of these toys at this guy’s booth. I had to dig through ’em a bit to find the ones with the least paint damage. Most of them had all the paint chipped off and stuck to the bag.

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Bootleg Batman Bootleg Batman
Bootleg Batman

This appears to be Batman. All I have to say is, it must be laundry day at Wayne Manor. His bright-red long johns crack me up. They’re not nearly as scary or stealthy as he’d like them to be. His cape and cowl actually seem to be color accurate, but it looks like they were just pulled them out of the laundry hamper. The cape is just so deformed and super-crinkled. Ha! I love it.

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Bootleg Batman

Also, look at his feet and black underwear. They’ve just been sprayed on the front with no paint on the back. Cheap.

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Bootleg Batman

Looks like he didn’t have any clean gloves either. Batman has actually resorted to painting his hands silver. It’s definitely not a glove. You can see every fingernail, knuckle and crevice of his hands.

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Bootleg Batman

The bat logo sticker on his chest is a lot more of a “realistic” depiction of a bat than his traditional stylized logo AND his name is written on it. BATMAN. Is this there to clarify to the bad guys who he is? I guess when you show up in your red pajamas, you might need some way to remind them.

Also, isn’t the purpose of most bootleg’s screwed-up name and appearance to avoid legal issues? If so, why clearly call the guy “Batman?” Call him “Bat-Hero,” “Super-Bat,” “Acro-bat” or even “Man-Bat.” (Oops. that one’s already taken.)

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Bootleg Batman Card

Look at the drawing on the Bat-package. It looks a bit like a “legit” Batman image, but he’s all mangled and awkward. His legs are deformed and broken, and it looks like his fingers may be too. I also like the arbitrary cross-hatching on his cape. This bootleg comic artist must’ve found some piece of art and filled in the missing pieces himself. The thing just looks funky.

Space Flyman
(Click to enlarge)
Bootleg Robin Bootleg Robin
Bootleg Robin

Next we have Space Flyman, who looks a lot like Robin. Now this is proper bootleg etiquette – messed-up name, messed-up colors, but still similar enough to the original to know who the character is supposed to be.

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Bootleg Robin

Why else would the Space Flyman have a bat logo? It’s just a clue to this guy’s origins.

He is Robin I guess, but his outfit is a bit wrong. Outside of the color inconsistency, he should be wearing a little vest, some undies, and little shoes. Instead, he’s wearing long sleeves, long pants and combat boots. Oh wait. Maybe it’s because he has no clean laundry either. Dang. I hadn’t thought of that.

Unlike the Batman figure, he has real clothes and boots. Kind of surprising for such a crummy toy.

There were a couple of color variations of this Robin toy. I don’t quite recall what colors there were, but I chose the orange shirt version. He looked best next to the red Batman.

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Bootleg Robin

You can also see the cheapy paint application on his head. Just that small fuzzy streak of black.

(Robin has a very difficult time standing by the way. I actually had to use a bit of tape to keep him up.)

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Bootleg Robin Card

This Space Flyman toy looks funny and all, but it’s actually the card on his package that gave me the biggest laugh. I find the illustration on the front of the card charming. It looks more like a member of G-Force beating up chubby members of Cobra.

But when you flip the card over, that’s where the hilarity ensues. It reads:

Space Flyman: Here is a powerful and wonderful man. Also a good fighter beats off any opponent with his strong muscles.

(Click to enlarge)
Bootleg Robin Card

So he “beats off” bad guys with his muscles? Sounds challenging (and kinky). I’m not sure what kind of message that sends to kids. I’m sure it lost something in the Engrish translation 😉

Hey. You know what I just remembered? I got some Batman and Robin toys last year too… at the Allentown Toy Show. Maybe this is the start of a new tradition.


Batman of Zure-En-Arrh
Batman comic panel courtesy of Planet Zor. Thanks!

As Bubba Shelby pointed out, this Batman bootleg bears a striking resemblance to the Batman of planet Zur-En-Arrh. I have no idea what’s going on in this panel. It’s just a glimpse into the old and odd DC Comics Universe. Read more at Planet Zor.

Buy some bootleg Batman toys on eBay!

12 Responses

  1. Reis O'Brien says:

    Priceless! That Batman is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. Okay, I’ll be the guy who asks, how much did you pay for them?

    Seriously… awesome, awesome, awesome!

  2. sherrie says:

    Hah! I stumbled upon your blog last week . This weeks installment with the batman and robin toys had me laughing until I cried. Keep up the good work!

  3. Justin says:

    @ Reis – I’m glad you like them. They are a pretty goofy pair, huh? The Batman is a lot like the one you featured on your blog a while ago.
    I don’t quite recall what I paid for them. I think it was $20 for the pair. Kinda pricey for crummy bootlegs, but I know I’ll never see them again. No regrets at all.

    @ sherrie – I’m glad you’ve discovered the Weirdo Toys blog. It’s been a fun project. I’m also glad I could entertain you. Thanks for reading. I hope you like the rest of the toys I’ll be revealing soon.

  4. Patrick says:

    20$ is GREAT! i’m totally serious when i say i’ve actually been looking for both of these figures for awhile, but they always go for too much on ebay. i wish you knew a way to contact the dealer!

  5. BubbaShelby says:


    Those are amazing, and worth every penny of the $20 you spent!

    Batman is ironically quite similar to the recently resurrected Batman of Zur en Arrh, which makes him extra cool!

  6. Justin says:

    @ Patrick – That’s funny that you’ve been looking for them. The toy show was the first place I’d ever seen them. I don’t think the dealer gave me a card or flyer or anything. I’ll look through my stuff and see if I have any contact info. Also, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more of these toys.

    I wonder if I should just buy extras anyway to sell to my readers.

    @ Bubba Shelby – Wow! He looks A LOT like the Batman of Zur en Arrh. You’re right – that does make him extra cool.

    So maybe $20 wasn’t so bad after all 😀

  7. BubbaShelby says:

    You’d make a killing if you sold these on your site – keep me in mind as well if you ever find more.

    P.S. – here’s where that image came from, as well as some detailed info on the Batman of Zur en arrh.

    The concept and silly costume design (is there a superhero costume design that isn’t inherently silly?) has also been appearing in the recent Batman R.I.P. storyline by Grant Morrison.

  8. Matty says:

    The Packaging is so cool! I love how Batman is deformed! Nice pick up on the cross-hatching. That cracks me up. It’s like the artist just thought “Hey, I love cross-hatching and I think Batman needs some, but only in his cape and left boot.”

    Great find Justin.

  9. LEon says:

    These are classic toys and bring back my childhood memories. Gone were the time when toys were made in Hongkong. Now all from China. Anyway these bootleg batman was cool enough during my childhood and the original ones hardly can be found around. They had it for Superman and Spiderman too. Same paint in the front and minimum coloring and it was to be the most affordable 12 inches toy around.

  10. Joe says:

    I absolutely love your blog!
    I run a bootleg toy site and am absolutely envious of your bootleg toy find. There’s nothing like finding a little treasure that’s been hidden away for so long.

  11. The King of Bootlegs says:

    A nice find indeed!

    It still amazes me that Remco knock-offs are still being made! Kudos my man Kudos!

  12. Shannon Malphurs says:

    I love the Red Batman from your Dec. 13 2008 entry.

    Would you sale him to me for $100.00, PLEASE!!!!!

    I must have him!!!! I will pay you with Paypal.

    PLEASE!!! ,

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